Sustainability is in the Box

CSafe Parcel reuse process

Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO, published a letter to CEOs regarding sustainability on January 14, 2020. In this blog post our interim CEO Patrick Schafer explains how CSafe – a manufacturer of thermal shipping containers – contributes to global sustainability.

Early today, Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO, published a letter to CEOs regarding sustainability. In that letter, he explains his view on the future of modern finance and how it is wholly intertwined with climate risk and sustainability efforts. While sustainability and climate change should be top of mind for every company and individual on the planet, Fink has called on CEOs to provide the necessary disclosures regarding their sustainability efforts or risk removal from the BlackRock portfolio which totals approximately $7 trillion.

This call for full disclosure got me thinking and I decided that as interim CEO of CSafe, I owe it to our customers, vendors and employees to share how we – a manufacturer of thermal shipping containers – contribute to global sustainability.

First and foremost, I have to credit our engineers for developing the best performing containers on the market. The insulation used in CSafe boxes and containers is so exceptional that our customers are able to use much smaller boxes for the same size payload. That means less weight and space required on the plane or truck allowing more cargo to go in a single trip and significantly reducing overall carbon emissions.

But it’s not just excellent design that sets CSafe at the forefront of sustainability in our industry. Our REPAQ retest and reuse program was the first of its kind and is the industry standard in cold chain packaging solutions. What this means is that our boxes can be reused again and again rather than being sent to a landfill after a single use. This program allows our customers to have their CSafe insulated boxes inspected, cleaned and thermally requalified to guarantee their thermal integrity prior to use – a service not offered by any other reuse program. Not only does this prevent more waste being added to landfills, it also means we as a manufacturer are able to keep our production lower, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Keep in mind, CSafe services pharmaceutical and life science companies, which make up the most difficult part of the cold chain. The products shipped in our containers are life-saving medicines, vaccines and cell and gene therapies. Our mission is to provide peace of mind by offering best-in-class temperature management solutions. Peace of mind for our customers, for the doctors administering the medicines and therapies and most importantly for their patients. We would be remiss in that endeavor if we failed to consider the long-term impact on those patients, their families and the rest of the world. Yes, we build boxes. But it’s so much more than that. CSafe is part of the team that saves millions of lives each year. That is what we do. And our focus on sustainability ensures that our efforts will continue to preserve life well into the future.


Patrick Schafer, Interim CEO, CSafe Global