CSafe Global Makes the Main Deck an Option

main deck transport

CSafe RKNs approved for transport on main decks of narrow-bodied freighters.

The entire world is getting creative and thinking outside the box to solve problems many had never even considered three months ago. What we’re learning here at CSafe is that sometimes the solution to an entirely different problem is also a solution to these new challenges.

Six years ago, in an effort to accommodate a customer’s need to deliver critical pharmaceuticals into a remote location on a  narrow-bodied freight aircraft, we recertified the CSafe RKN and gained FAA approval to transport the active temperature controlled container (TCC) on all main decks, including the three most common narrow freighters: B757-F, B737-F, B727-F. Today, because of that forward thinking, CSafe customers have the ability to transport cargo on this fleet of narrow-bodied freighters as we navigate the volume limitations in the supply chain.

If you’re interested in learning more about this option and how we can help you, please contact your sales representative or sales@csafeglobal.com.