CSafe Global: Built to Excel in Crisis Situations

CSafe Service Center in Incheon

CSafe Global has a history and mission that has positioned us to perform over and above industry standards no matter the circumstances.

As we all work through the new anxieties and obstacles that come with this new normal we’re experiencing, I want to offer some reassurance to our customers, partners, suppliers and employees that CSafe Global is 100% prepared for this situation and will see you all through it until the virus is contained.

I realize that is a bold statement, but I am confident in making it for several reasons. One of the most important goes to our roots. CSafe was born out of a critical need to protect vaccines and their efficacy as they were transported to developing countries in the late 1970s. We have always catered to customers who must operate in the most precise portion of the cold chain and we have invested countless resources over the years to ensure that we can exceed the very highest industry standards to meet their needs.

We have been working hard over the last several years to make significant changes that would position us to successfully provide temperature-controlled packaging solutions to every pharmaceutical company, government and now cell and gene therapy manufacturer around the world. We weren’t expecting a global crisis, just an expanded and challenging market. However, we are now in a global crisis and we are ready to support you.

With those things in mind, there are 10 key points I want to share to help you understand how CSafe can help you protect your life-saving treatments and medicines now and once this crisis has passed.

1. We are open and fully operational.

We are considered an essential business in every country where we operate. We began implementing additional precautionary procedures when the COVID-19 outbreak began to ensure the safety of our employees and our containers for usage by customers.

2. CSafe has not and will not raise our lease prices during this crisis.

We are also working with customers and partners on a case by case basis to waive fees resulting from COVID-19 related delays. This is the time for all of us to work together to help the world bring an end to this pandemic. We will support our customers in that endeavor.

3. We offer flexible leasing options.

Round trip and one way – in every region including Latin America.

4. CSafe has been a trusted partner of health organizations and governments around the world.

We transport critical shipments of life-saving vaccines, blood and plasma and medications wherever they are needed.

5. We have the best performing RKN and RAP in the industry.

  • Both containers have a broad operating range maintaining payload temperature in extreme ambient temperatures (RKN: -30°C to +49°C; RAP: -30°C to +54°C).
  • Passive holdover times are up to 8 hours for the RKN and up to 7 hours for the RAP.
  • Our RKN is approved for use on main and lower decks of all wide-body aircraft and the most common narrow-bodied freighter aircraft.
  • The CSafe RAP has the largest payload volume in the industry at 6.68 m3 (236 ft3).

6. We have thousands of units in our active container fleet.

We continue to manufacture more each day.

7. CSafe’s fleet is supported 24/7/365.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable customer support team is available around the clock at +1-937-245-6350 (prompt 2) or customersupport@csafeglobal.com.

8. We offer a 100% container availability guarantee.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence platform we launched last year for active containers, we have filled every single order placed to date with no delays in container availability. This has not changed in the current environment.

9. Our Preventative Maintenance Rebuild (PMR) program was the industry’s first.

This program continues to set the standard for ensuring high-performing containers regardless of age.

10. We have more than 40 service centers around the world.

These facilities manage the PMR program as well as standard cleaning and sanitizing.

My hope is that this information provides some peace of mind not only to our customers, but also to the healthcare professionals, patients and their family members that we can and will protect the life-saving and life-enhancing medicines, materials and therapies needed to help in the COVID-19 pandemic or any other illness.

Stay well, Patrick Schafer Chief Executive Officer CSafe Global

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