CSafe Global Adds New Hub Locations in Luxembourg and Italy

Luxembourg and Florence

CSafe has engaged local partnerships to establish its first hub operation in Luxembourg and a third in Italy to support local customers.

CSafe Global, the innovation leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, is once again expanding their global footprint opening two new hub operations in Luxembourg and Florence, Italy.

Partnering with DB Schenker in Luxembourg, CSafe has approximately 2,500 square-feet / 232 square-meters of warehouse space to clean and store RKN and RAP containers. In Florence, the company has extended an ongoing partnership with BCube to secure approximately 10,000 square-feet / 929 square-meters for CSafe containers.

With the addition of these new hub locations, Europe now has the most CSafe operations facilities in the world. “These locations round out a robust CSafe network across Europe,” noted Tom Weir, CSafe COO. “We continue to evaluate the need for additional locations in Europe and around the world to ensure we make the most strategic investments that will optimize operations and service for our customers,” he continued.

CSafe continues to deliver on its mission to the highest quality temperature-controlled containers in the industry to ensure pharmaceuticals and biologics are delivered to patients in optimal condition for maximum efficacy. By investing in best-in-class facilities in strategic locations worldwide, CSafe can provide top tier service to customers in their local area.