CSafe Providing Sustainable Thermal Protection for Vyjuvek Gene Therapy from Krystal Biotech

Monroe, OH -May 22, 2023 – CSafe, the largest provider of a complete range of active and passive temperature-controlled shipping solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, is honored to announce an innovative program for Krystal Biotech that provides the cold chain solution for Krystal’s Vyjuvek gene therapy.

CSafe’s custom thermal shipper for Krystal maintains -20°C throughout the product journey to help ensure that doses of Vyjuvek reach clinicians and patients safely. In addition to best-in-class Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) technology, the customized CSafe CGT Ultra solution features simplified product handling.

The Vyjukek supply chain is further optimized by utilizing CSafe’s Retest & Reuse program. This approach features reusable shippers that maintain the highest level of thermal performance. When customers participate in CSafe’s reuse program, our highly qualified team inspects, cleans and thermally requalifies the insulation and shippers to assure thermal integrity prior to reuse. This fully managed, end-to-end solution reduces unnecessary landfill waste and is an efficient, effective, and environmentally responsible packaging program.

“Cell and gene therapies are a core focus for CSafe, and we’re honored to support Krystal Biotech and their transformative treatment,” said Patrick Schafer, CSafe CEO. “Using innovative engineering concepts, the CSafe team is able to stay at the forefront of both biopharmaceutical innovation and sustainability approaches. We’re pleased to support the most advanced therapies with the most advanced solutions for the sustainable, high-performance cold chain.”