2022 Year in Review: Integration, Innovation, Inspiration

In challenging times, some companies must just try to hang on. At CSafe, we’ve faced another year of unprecedented change — and still found innovative ways to grow. 

We’ve become one of the largest providers of a complete range of active and passive temperature-controlled shipping solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We’ve supported the transport and delivery of billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine. We’ve expanded both the types of solutions we offer and the types of biopharmaceutical products we serve. Here are just a few of our achievements from 2022, and a look at what’s ahead. 

A year ago, we announced our acquisition of Softbox Systems, and our combined team now provides the most comprehensive suite of thermal shipping solutions for biotech and pharma. We’re working worldwide as a one-stop-shop for all pharmaceutical cold chain shipping needs. I couldn’t be prouder of how our team has demonstrated that we truly are “Better Together.”

We’re serving more patients than ever by enabling the delivery of critical temperature-sensitive products, including next-generation biologics and mRNA products such as the COVID-19 vaccine. Our shipping solutions have supported more than six billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine and counting, reflecting a collective effort to get this vaccine to patients at unprecedented speed worldwide.   

BioLife Solutions evo DV10We’ve expanded the range of next-generation therapies we support by further increasing our capabilities in the transformative field of cell and gene therapies. Amy DuRoss, a veteran leader in the field of personalized therapeutics, joined CSafe as President, Cell and Gene Therapies. We also announced a new partnership with BioLife Solutions to provide a combined global service network to support CGT products with cryogenic shipping solutions, with a focus on enhanced reliability, security, and quality.   

CSafeAPSWe demonstrated our commitment to category-changing product innovation with the release of our advanced reusable pallet shipper, CSafe APS . Our latest shipper offers continuous, reliable, customizable thermal protection at ambient, refrigerated, and frozen temperatures for more than 120 hours. With real-time data tracking and visibility, CSafe APS is a great example of how we saw a need in the market and applied our industry-leading engineering and quality assurance expertise. CSafe APS Tour 

We’re also busy preparing for our next round of growth in 2023. In addition to expanding distribution of our new CSafe APS fleet, we have several new products targeted for launch in 2023. We are continuing to invest in advancements of our digital infrastructure, including expansion of CSafe Connect, our single point of access to all CSafe’s digital applications, to help bring improved monitoring, predictability and insight into the cold chain shipping industry. And last, but not least, we will continue to expand our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs in line with our ongoing  commitment to being responsible stewards of our planet, our employees and our business processes, in addition to providing industry-leading products and services to our customers.   

The world continues to face evolving health challenges, and patients need the medical innovations that rely on the pharma cold chain. Our customers see the unique solutions we offer, and they are asking us for help with their challenges. As a company founded to deliver life-changing pharmaceuticals to patients worldwide, we’ve continued to innovate amid another tumultuous year. We’re already well prepared to help extend that mission even further in 2023.