CSafe Global Launches Hub Operations in São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil hub

CSafe Global has contracted with Quantum Logistics in São Paulo to provide containers locally.

CSafe Global, the innovation leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, has once again expanded their global reach and local presence with the opening of a new hub operation in São Paulo, Brazil.

This is the latest addition to CSafe’s worldwide container operations facilities and the first in Brazil. “Pharmaceutical manufacturing has really taken off in Brazil in recent years and demand has spiked for our active containers to transport temperature-sensitive products,” explained Tom Weir, chief operating officer for CSafe Global. “With the growth we’ve seen, we need to have containers in the area for on-demand use which means setting up a hub operation where we can have containers inspected, cleaned and released for usage. We’ve partnered with Quantum Logistics to make units available at the top-of-the-line Multilog warehouse facility where we will have at least 6,000 square-feet of space to store CSafe RKN and RAP containers.”

The hub location in São Paulo provides a drop location for one-way inbound traffic coming into Brazil as well. Always quick to act in an effort to serve customers where they are, if the demand in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America increases, CSafe could expand the operation.

“Right now, we’re able to easily repair and maintain containers at service centers in other locations and then move them to customers or hubs as needed. However, should the demand grow to the point that it’s more efficient to repair the containers locally, we will certainly consider expanding the hub into a service center staffed with highly-trained CSafe technicians to fully service and maintain our RKN and RAP container fleet for Latin America.”